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What to Expect at a HAPPY Party

At your HAPPY party a trained consultant will come to your house and provide a night of education and fun for you and your guests. From learning about how cannabis affects your body, to being able to actually try out the latest high quality trendy accessories that we have painstakingly sourced from unique and unusual products and at very fair prices for your pleasure. Your HAPPY party will be an entertaining and fun experience for everyone who attends.

Hostess Rewards

Love that high … when you score a great shopping deal? You’re going to love the rewards you’ll get when you host a party. You’ll either receive an awesome hostess gift or a credit for 10% of your party’s total sales toward any HAPPY product!

Party Planning Tips

Make your HAPPY party even more special by hosting a theme party. Your guests will appreciate a fun and exciting experience, and you’ll love having a theme to design your party around. Our consultants will offer tips and ideas for throwing a party your friends will talk about for years!

Hostess FAQ

A HAPPY party is unlike any party you’ve ever had before, so it’s natural to have questions. Find answers to our most common questions about hosting a HAPPY party. If you still don’t find an answer, call us at 888-342-3412.

What does it cost to have a HAPPY party?

It is free for you to Host a HAPPY Party, because we don’t sell cannabis and we make our money from products sales. We have a few different options for you to choose from, depending on the cannabis knowledge level of your guests and the type of party experience you desire.

For example, add-ons to the party such as Lip Balm-making parties, or cooking, or arts and crafts will cost an additional fee. Call us today and we can help you determine the type of party experience that best fits your plans.

Do I have enough room to host a HAPPY party?

Absolutely!   A HAPPY party doesn’t require a lot of room. You’d be surprised at how little room hosting a party really takes. Most people use their living room or dining room. No matter the space, we can make it work.

What happens at a HAPPY party?

A HAPPY party gives people a chance to have fun, laugh and learn in a safe and private environment. One of our trained HAPPY party consultants will demonstrate cannabis products and allow you to try them out before purchasing. Guests are also encouraged to ask questions and your consultant will ensure an informative and entertaining exchange of information.

How long does a HAPPY party last?

A HAPPY party usually lasts about 2 hours. It might be shorter or longer, depending on how many questions you have for the Consultant. We view our Consultant as a party starter to help get everything going and then leave you and your guests to enjoy the rest of your night in privacy.

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