FAQs for Party Hosts

What are my responsibilities as a host?

As a hostess your only responsibility is to decide where the party will be held and who you want to invite. It’s really that easy!

Can children attend HAPPY parties?

No. HAPPY parties are for adults 21 years old or older. Infants and children cannot be on the premises during a HAPPY party. If children are present, the HAPPY Consultant will leave and there will be no refunds. Sorry, but it’s not the type of a party for kids.

What are the benefits of hosting a HAPPY party?

As a HAPPY party host, you earn either a free hostess gift or a credit for 10% of the party’s sales to get the products you love! Not to mention this fun night with your friends is paired with leading health, beauty and nutrition information. That’s because your HAPPY party Consultant is up to speed on the latest cannabis products and trends.

What am I expected to provide?

It depends on what type of a party you want to provide to your guests.   Most Hosts provide light snacks and you can work with your HAPPY Consultant on coordinating any food, beverage, decorations or entertainment.

Whom should I invite?

Everyone! Recreational cannabis is now legal in 3 states with initiatives to pass this year in 5 more. People have so many questions, but don’t know where to go. We think everybody would benefit and would learn something new and interesting. If you’re having trouble deciding, just ask your HAPPY Consultant to help; she knows exactly what to do.

Do I get my products right away or will you mail them to me?

Most Consultants have a large inventory so customers can take their purchases home that night. If your Consultant does not have a product in stock, she will deliver your order directly to you within 5-7 business days.