After waking my husband up in the middle of the night with a leftover cough from a recent cold, I decided to do some research as to what would help make it stop. I’m not into the artificial cough syrups or aspartame-laden cough drops.   I’d already taken the teaspoon of honey and was drinking lemon water in addition to chomping on an edible.

When all of a sudden I thought, there has to be a recipe that combines all three ingredients.

And lo and behold, there were many recipes. So I took one, modified it and came up with a pretty tasty tincture that took my cough away.

In full disclosure, making this recipe in the middle of the night was not that hard, but it was hard to stay awake. Especially since I had been munching on an edible. Also, as with most of my recipes and cooking style, I have little patience to wait for the end result and partook of this yummy tincture straight from the pan while it was cooking. I’m very thankful for timers.

First things first, if you’re going to make any food product to store for a period of time, always make sure you’re starting out with a clean and sanitized environment, including containers and utensils. Bacteria is the beast that kills. Literally. My favorite storage containers are good-old fashioned mason jars, which can be easily sanitized, and the lids can be boiled in hot water for 10 minutes per the USDA.

I’m a big fan of honey and always have quite a few lying around, but you can also infuse this with orange, or tangerine, or grapefruit. I also believe in the power of cinnamon and sprinkle it in just about everything, so you can either use it with or without.

I only wanted to make a small bit as I didn’t want to waste my pot on something I didn’t like. If you want to make more, you can use 1-3 ounces of dry cannabis per 5 pounds of honey. You’ll also want to accommodate for longer cooking time, because drawing out the oils from a 5 pound batch of honey will take a bit of time. It’s about an hour per pound of honey.

Good luck and make sure to experiment with


¼ ounce of dry cannabis depending on desired dosage strength
1 cup of organic, local honey
½ teaspoon organic ground cinnamon
1 tablespoon of grated lemon zest
2-3 tablespoons of lemon juice from lemon



  1. Cut two 4 x 4 inch squares, and two ½ x 4 inch strips
  2. Lay out the squares and add cannabis into one and the grated lemon into the other
  3. Tie the squares with the ½ inch strips, making sure nothing can fall out during cooking
  4. Add honey and cinnamon into a small saucepan (or use a double boiler to prevent burning) and when it becomes liquid, immerse the cannabis packet completely
  5. Heat on low for 1-2 hours making sure not to let it boil and stirring every 15 minutes.
  6. Add lemon packet and lemon juice and cook for an additional 10 minutes.
  7. Let honey cool with packets for 1-2 hours. Remove packets and strain using cheesecloth before transferring to a sterilized container. Store in a cool, dark place for 4-6 months.