I’ve been a communications and marketing professional for 25 years and have been a consultant for almost a dozen of those.  After working in the corporate agency environment for a dozen years and going through the technology crash of 2000, I decided to take my PR skills, my years of corporate discipline and apply it to my first business that was run out of my house. Since that time I’ve started a few more businesses, went back to the corporate agency world a few times, ran a large agency, got burned out and decided once again to start out on the consultancy route.

The first thing you have to know about being your own boss is that it’s the toughest job you’re ever going to have. Because your number one employee, you, can be very moody and sometimes procrastinate and sometimes just not feel like working. So, you as the boss, have to be disciplined and ride your employee to finish the task.

However, sometimes it’s really hard to stay motivated when it’s just you and well, you. So below are some tips I’ve put together that keep me motivated to continue on with a business I absolutely love.   I’m so excited to be a HAPPY parties consultant and hope you will be to!

How to get and stay motivated:

  1. Business practices:  You’ll want to first set-up what type of a legal entity for tax purposes.  Most consultants will be sole proprietors, however, many will want to become an LLC. It’s important to establish professional business practices such as setting up a bookkeeping system to keep track of business expenses and income.  You’ll need a separate business checking account and credit card. Do not mingle personal and business expenses. Make sure to keep excellent records of all business activities and transactions as the IRS tends to audit home-based businesses.
  2. Environment:  Set up a business-like work environment. You should have a dedicated space for your home-based business work area. Your computer should be used primarily for business only and your office equipment should not be used for personal or family activities.  You’ll want to set work parameters and ask friends and family to respect these.  We recommend setting work hours just like everyone else and sticking to a schedule.
  3. Home Security:  It’s a good idea to rent a PO Box to use as your business mailing address.  Particularly given the nature of HAPPY parties.  We recommend using HAPPY parties corporate address for any advertising and only give out your phone and email.
  4. Dress for Success:  Sometimes work and home can get blended and you’ll find yourself only getting dressed when you have a party to put on.  But the psychological aspect of getting ready to work helps keep you motivated.
  5. Commitment:  There are many distractions when you work at home. Make a commitment to yourself that you are serious about your consultancy. Be disciplined about your work effort. Join or start business groups in your area to interact with other like-minded entrepreneurs.  Make sure to surround yourself with people like yourself.  Join the HAPPY parties community on Facebook and become a thought leader and motivator for others.