At HAPPY Parties, we’re celebrating cannabis one party at a time.

With the legalization of cannabis sales to recreational users in Oregon in 2015, the dream to create our HAPPY Parties
business model was born. Since that time, we have continued to expand into other states where recreational use has been legalized. Our vision is to continue to develop this cutting edge business opportunity as more states end the prohibition of cannabis.

At HAPPY Parties we believe in the power of cannabis as medicine and as a healthier alternative to chemicals,
prescription pills and alcohol. We believe in protecting and respecting the healing and wellness properties of this
sacred plant.  We also believe people should be able to use it recreationally and socially with the best possible
products and accessories at a fair price.

We believe the world is a better and more peaceful place when people have safe and reliable access to cannabis.
At HAPPY Parties we recognize that change can and must be fun as well as educational. Our mission is to bring
joy, laughter and lightness to an otherwise awkward and intimidating conversation.  We believe that when people are
introduced to cannabis in a safe and responsible way, that they will find a rekindled or altogether new experience.
That’s why we create our unique in-home cannabis accessory experience.  A HAPPY experience.

Come celebrate cannabis with us and join the HAPPY Party!