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HAPPY consultants are the heart of our business!  At HAPPY we pride ourselves on customer service and cannabis knowledge.  Our consultants are friendly, knowledgeable and have years of experience interacting with cannabis.  Please feel free to reach out directly to any of our consultants with questions, to book a party or to join our team.

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Mary Stackhouse


Email: ms.420.ca@gmail.com
Consultant Number: 16001

Mary Stackhouse, Nipomo California

I joined Happy Parties after telling a girlfriend how frustrated I was with the lack of medical cannabis education for people who were sick of pharmaceutical medications.  I have spent the last 9 years learning the hard way, spending a fortune on things that didn’t work and dreading asking questions at head shops on how to smoke, vaporize and cook with cannabis. Fortunately, my family was supportive of my change in lifestyle and I became involved in actively petitioning change.

I belong to ASA, (Americans for Safe Access), the MPP (Marijuana Policy Project), and CalNORML (California branch of the National Organization Reforming Marijuana Legislation). After telling my story of taking 43 prescription medications in a 4 year period of time for my disabling case of Fibromyalgia to city councils in our local area, state and national politicians, I wanted to be in a cannabis based business when California legalized it in 2016.

My college degree (a long time ago) was in Home Economics, mostly Nutrition and Marketing.  I believe you are what you eat, and my love for gardening and cooking with cannabis helped both my husband and myself wean off of prescription meds and changed our lives. I like to say that “Happy Cooks come From California” so, the Happy Parties concept resonated with me to my core.  Eating cannabis is like taking delayed release medications.  Smoking it is like taking an instant release medication.. But smoking is “so not me”.  Entering the vaporizing community was an expensive lesson, so I am HAPPY to share my experiences to help others and share my passions.

Being a HAPPY consultant allows me to do it all.  I love the “try before you buy” home party concept. I live on the Central Coast of California and will travel anywhere in the state if you want to Host A Pot PartY!

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Katie Kranz


Email: katiek@happyparties.com
Consultant Number: 16003

Katie Kranz, Vancouver Washington

I am currently a Medical Cannabis patient in Washington State and believe in the medicinal value of Cannabis, as well as the right to enjoy recreational use.

I have worked as a delivery driver for a dispensary and am currently a grower for a tier 1 recreational producer/processor in Vancouver Washington.

I am very big on education and love to be able to answer questions for people who may be new to the industry, and for those who have used Cannabis for years but maybe just want to know a little more about it. Here at HAPPY Parties, one of our big areas of focus is education, so once I saw that side of the business I was sold! Not only do you get to try before you buy, but I will help you personalize your Cannabis experience whether it’s smoking, vaping or eating it.

I am located in Vancouver Washington and am willing to travel just about anywhere in Oregon and or Washington State. Contact me today to schedule your HAPPY Party!!!
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/kranzconsulting/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel.

Kala Nicholopoulos


Email: kalan@happyparties.com
Consultant Number: 17005

Kala Nicholopoulos, Massachusetts

I was looking for a new business opportunity when I stumbled upon HAPPY Parties!  I love everything HAPPY Parties has to offer.  I love the educational side of HAPPY Parties and how we can help those looking for other ways to medicate other than just relying on prescription drugs.  When I was 20, my mother was diagnosed with cancer and began chemotherapy.  She wasn’t given long to live, in fact, I was initially told a couple months at the most.  She lost her appetite completely being on chemo and was quickly getting weaker and thinner.  When she started using cannabis again she became happier, took less pain killers, and started eating again.  She got her strength back and was functioning very well for a while, until she lost her fight with cancer.  I have cannabis to thank.  I had extra time with my mother on earth than I should have had… and that time is more valuable to me than anything!  Seeing firsthand how beneficial cannabis is for those who medically need it was a HUGE eye-opener to me.  When Massachusetts was getting ready to legalize medical marijuana, I volunteered at events to sign people up to vote.  Cannabis is such a misunderstood substance and I’m thrilled to help educate others, whether they are longtime cannabis users or those looking into it for the first time.  I’ve been a cannabis user for almost 20 years and I’m excited to bring hope, opportunity, and most importantly HAPPY Parties to others in my community!  So whether someone is looking to host a party with me or join my team, I’d love to hear from you!  Let’s end the negative stigma against cannabis!

Julie Mount


Email: juliem@happyparties.com
Consultant Number: 16004

Julie Mount, Vancouver Washington

I joined HAPPY to learn more. I have been a pot smoker for most of my life and I love the idea of a fun history and science lesson about Cannabis, in the comfort of someone’s home, with a “try before you buy” opportunity. How cool is that!

I am excited to meet people who have lots of questions to ask and also network with people who have stories and ideas to share. I think we have come to a point in life that it is time to connect more to each-other, and to nature.

I love to help people and I feel blessed to be a teacher about Cannabis.

I am available to travel anywhere in the state of Washington, and in the Portland, Oregon area.

Bill Stewart


Email: bill@halfbakedlabs.com
Consultant Number: 17002

Bill Stewart, Oregon

Happy Chef Bill Stewart, Med Scientist for Half Baked Labs:

I believe that cannabis edibles are food first, and that all of our clients are patients.  I’ve been cooking & baking since I was three years old, and have a degree in Chemical Engineering from Clemson University.  I feel very lucky to have found a business where my areas of nerdyness connect.

I began creating edibles for a friend with ovarian cancer, and my daughter Camille (who has cerebral palsy) is beginning cannabis treatment.  With my roots on the medical side, I am dismayed by new legislative rules that are creating difficulty for patients, and am an activist to fight these rules (some legislators might prefer the term “pain in the ass”).

I am happy to travel anywhere in the NW Oregon and SW Washington area, and to provide support for Happy team members who would like to do Happy Chef or Happy Spa parties, or learn how to prepare edibles and topicals on their own.  I’m also putting together some yummy, healthy edibles mixes that we will be adding to our offerings soon.

I run a cannabis friendly Bed (Bud?) & Breakfast in the Alberta Arts District, hold classes and events, provide cannabis catering and personal chef services, consult with startup edibles companies, and produce edibles and topicals for the Oregon market.

Let’s Party!!


Bill Stewart