Boutique cannabis parties hosted in the privacy of your home.

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What’s a HAPPY Party?

HAPPY is the acronym for Host-A-Pot-Party.  At HAPPY Parties we bring the best of what the modern cannabis industry has to offer right into the comfort of your living room. 

Our HAPPY consultants will go over the health and wellness aspects of cannabis, the effects of different strains and terpenes and how to customize your experience through consumption methods including vaping, smoking and ingesting. You and your guests will then get to sample and experiment with the latest cannabis products and accessories.  

HAPPY Parties is just like every other home party business like Tupperware or Pampered Chef in that we generate revenue through the sale of products. Only instead of plastic bowls and cooking utensils, we sell cannabis appliances like vaporizers and high-end glassware, to butter machines and juicers, along with a plethora of unique accessories.  

HAPPY does not sell cannabis, instead we work with the host for them to purchase the party cannabis at one of our recommended top shelf dispensary partners.   


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At your HAPPY party a trained consultant will come to your house and provide a night of education and fun for you and your guests.   From learning about how cannabis affects your body, to being able to try out the trendy new products, a HAPPY party is an entertaining and fun experience.  Come on, let’s get HAPPY!



At HAPPY we want to provide an opportunity for people who believe in cannabis to start a career doing something they love.  We are looking for cannabis-experienced professionals who have a passion for educating and helping others.  We conduct extensive training and testing to ensure our consultants can provide the right HAPPY experience.

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At HAPPY Parties we carry top-shelf products including vaporizers, beautiful and stylish bongs and pipes, as well as fun and trendy accessories.   We love to shop and find unique items so we can share those with our friends.  Keep an eye out for specials and sales!


Learn More About Cannabis

HAPPY provides educational resources through curated articles and our blog to keep our Cannabis lifestyle community informed and updated on current news, events and research.

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Wednesday, April 26th Webinar Briefing @ 6pm:
HAPPY Parties - Consultant Briefing Webinar April 2017
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HAPPY Parties - Consultant Briefing April 2017

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